Australia has the unique distinction of being a country-continent and having its unique set of flora and fauna, not to be found anywhere else in the world. Backpacking the outback is a wonderful way to commune with nature and when you plan to do so, there are many websites that give wonderful tips and advice specifically on backpacking that come in handy on your trip.

These tips are applicable anywhere in the world, for example, Australia too. Australia offers so much: surfing, backpacking the outback, exploring forests and rocky trails.

If you need to brush up on your English language skills or want to teach English for a career as a TEFL/TESOL teacher, mixing your backpacking experience with a little bit of learning through the famous ESL Language Study Abroad programs.

They have partner language schools across Australia, in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Hobart, Adelaide, Brisbane, Fremantle, Cairns, and Port Douglas to name the major locations. Learn English in Australia while exploring the outback. An ideal way to learn English in Australia may not be at the ESL partner school but in a teacher’s home that can just as well serve as a base for your explorations.

While teachers give you intensive tuition in the mornings, tailored to your professional or business needs, you have the rest of the day to do a whole lot of exploring, living life the Australian way and learning to speak with the unique Australian accent and with learning a new language is nothing wrong, of course.

Juniors, on the other hand, may love being with other youngsters of the same age group in shared accommodation as part of junior English courses in Australia. Noosa in Queensland is a terrific destination for teens and juniors, offering all facilities under one roof, an easy learning method and plenty of leisure time activities tailored to suit their age groups and preferences. Noosa has courses specifically developed for juniors and has the unique advantage of having forests on one side and sandy beaches on the other.

Youngsters between 13 and 17 years of age will love exploring both. In addition to 19 air-conditioned modern classrooms, the partner school here has a language lab, library, internet and relaxation areas with snacks and beverages. Designed to suit youngsters, the junior course offers everything in the price including meals, accommodation, and transport, freeing youngsters to undergo junior English courses in Australia and have the time of their lives.

Adults have still more choices. They can choose to learn English in Australia Darwin, Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, or in any other scenic locations each with its attractions but with a uniform, world-class method of teaching and facilities. It is easy to enroll online and start a wonderful experience. If you want to learn more about teaching English abroad without being TEFL-certified, check out this post.

A few things guaranteed to irritate you on your trip

Well, maybe your life back home is a bit dull and full of little annoyances. Even your last moments before getting on a plane are full of delays, with last minute traffic jams and so on. Now you’re on your way to leave all these annoyances behind, or are you?

You will without doubt, during the course of your trip:

  1. Get left on a border or in some strange roadside rest stop for hours, during a bus ride you were promised would only take a few hours.
  2. Definitely get food poisoning where you will spend at least one miserable day running between your bed and the toilet feeling fairly close to killing yourself.
  3. Spend at least a week stuck in one town or another going to the same bar every night and waking up too hung-over to do anything, let alone pack your bags and move on.
  4. Run out of money and have to eat fried rice and vegetables (standardly the cheapest thing on the menu) for every meal, which if you are lucky is two a day.
  5. Break countless pairs of flip-flops, regardless of how carefully you think you are walking. You can only stick them back together so many times before you admit defeat.
  6. Get the tiniest cut which will manage to get infected and hurt like hell no matter how often you clean it and put on antiseptic.
  7. Get covered in mosquito or sand fly bites and spend the following three days desperately trying not to scratch and slathering yourself in tiger balm which supposedly helps, but we all know nothing does.

That said none of these things really dampen your trip. You will meet some new mates on the bus journey and have a few beers together when you eventually arrive. The food poisoning will pass and you will be out eating dodgy street food again before you know it.

Getting stuck in the same place means you are having the best time so who cares if you miss going somewhere else because of it.  Fried rice is a perfectly satisfactory dinner if you add enough soy sauce.

Anything lost or stolen will be replaced by insurance. Flip-flops are cheap and a broken pair is a sign of a good night, as is an infected cut which you have no idea how you came by. And mosquito bites…well nothings perfect!