I want to give a quick update for those of you asking how things are going. In short, they are going near perfectly. We are moving into my husband’s grandma’s house that has been empty for four years.

We’ve been doing some major cleaning and organizing (while doing Vacation Bible School every night this week) and now it’s time to move all the stuff in. Tomorrow will be an all-out blitz of carpet cleaning and furniture moving. I expect me and the hubby will be dog tired tomorrow night, but at least we’ll be in our house.

I know our presence in the saint of a mother-in-law’s house has been stressful. She’s organized and likes a clean house. Enter 7 dispossessed slobs with all their donated clothes and stuff in boxes and bags and a few random suitcases. It’s not pretty. I know she’s not freaking out about it or anything, but I still feel a little guilty about it.

The only bad thing about where we’re moving is that it’s in a different (and worse) school system. I was really concerned about that and was racking my brains for a way to keep them in the same schools.  Lying was out. How could a preacher and his wife sign a paper swearing to something that was not true? Everybody in town knew the house was gone. So. What to do? Anyway, I got my job as an English-as-a-Foreign-Language teacher, so I’m glad I can get going.

I’ll tell you. Go to church, sit down and make brown paper bag “bricks” for a well, while others turn the social hall into a market of Nazareth by hanging sheets from the ceiling, and wait. When you least expect it, a disembodied voice from behind one of the sheets will yell out, “Get a job in the school system!” Was it the voice of God? Yes. He just happened to be speaking through a lovely lady known as Jackie. One of the “perks” of getting a full-time job in the school system is employees’ children being allowed to enroll in the same school system. It was brilliant!

So, I put in my application, and I was mortified when I had to list my last three jobs. Wendy’s, Hometown Pizza, and Valley View Day Care. It got worse when I had to list the dates. My last job was in the year 2012. Yikes. Oh well. I had to get back in the game sometime, right? I was nervous. I felt stupid. And hopeful. The perfect solution to my problem had fallen into my lap. In church. Things had been working out so perfectly and I guess I was afraid I’d used my allotment of good blessings. Stupid girl.

I got a call two days later and was offered a full-time job. No interview required. The hours and location were perfect. 6 hours per day, between school drop-off and pick-up times and only on days when the kids are in school. It could not be a more perfect situation. The only piece left is to find an acceptable daycare for the Baby Girl. Call me crazy, but I know we’ll find the perfect place.

Oh, did I forgot to tell you what my job is! TEFL teacher. I applied for it specifically and I am so happy!