The 12th Conference of IATEFL – Hungary was held in Veszprém. The venue, Vetési Albert Secondary Grammar School proved to be a good choice since it is equipped with all the facilities for an international conference. The conference attracted participants interested in all fields of English language education both from Hungary and abroad. The program included plenary talks, workshops, presentations, and exhibitions by the major publishers in Hungary.

We were provided with a wide selection of presenters and could meet the greatest names such as Luke Prodromou, David Hill, Diana Hicks and Douglas Allan. Also, we could take part in the presentations of the best of Hungarian teacher trainers and writers like Medgyes Péter, Rádai Péter, Kelemen Ferenc and Korbel Péter, mentioning only a few of the experts of English language teaching. Furthermore, there were presenters from other European countries like Turkey or Slovakia. It was a great pleasure for me to come across my teachers – Szûcs Judit, Némethné Dr. Hock Ildikó and Poór Zoltán – from the Teacher Training College in Szombathely and the University of Veszprém. For those who were interested in the region, there was a guided sightseeing tour in Veszprém, a minibus trip to Lake Balaton and conference T-shirts were sold as well.

Conference guests were able to choose among presentations about preparing tests, the new school-leaving exam and other exams, cultural matters, teaching teenagers, the four skills, using the Net, teacher development, drama techniques in the classroom, teaching grammar, using dictionaries and learning strategies. I am sure teachers could benefit from these very interesting and useful topics and they help them to bring new ideas into their teaching, to try new things out during the lessons and to think about teacher development. The major publishers in Hungary were also present and gave some free copies of teaching materials and course books. Moreover, there were raffles held by the publishers thus some of us had the chance to take home even more books to use in the classroom.

Since the presenters provided information about many different topics for primary and secondary school teachers, for college and university teachers and for those teaching adults, I think every participant found something in the program that can be used in their teaching process. Also, it was very interesting and useful to meet fellow teachers and to share our experiences.

In Veszprém I had the opportunity to meet Falus Eszter, the coordinator of IATEFL YET whose aim is to help young teachers in their first few years of teaching. It was important for me because Kovácsné Wagner Anikó (director of the British Council English Teaching Resource Centre) and Molnár Mária (contact person and leader of the local group in Szombathely) kindly asked me to become the new contact person and the leader of the local group in Szombathely. I am convinced that with their help young English teachers in Szombathely can share both their positive and negative experiences and find answers to their questions.